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The Dental Cyberweb receives hundreds of hits a day. The majority of these are from dental professionals. By placing an ad on the Dental Cyberweb, you're reaching your target market and letting them know you're online and ready for the new age.

Below are examples of each class of ad offered by the Dental CyberWeb. The fictional Funny Fumes Dental Supply will be used as an example company. If you have any questions or would like to advertise on the Dental CyberWeb, contact us today!

Simple Link

A simple link is just that--a word which, when clicked, leads to your existing eMail account or webpage. They are linked into a section devoted to these "classified ads."

Graphic Bar

[Funny Fumes Dental Supply]

A graphic bar is a bar with your name, slogan, logo, and contact information which can be linked (no extra charge) to an exisiting eMail account or webpage. These are interspersed through the classified ads sections, but can also be placed within articles and other content for greater penetration.

Full Page

Click the graphic bar above for an example of a full page ad.

A full page is an entire section devoted to your company. It can include multiple graphics, paragraphs of information and outbound links to other sites. It includes a graphic bar leading to the page from the classified section.

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