GOTTLIEB, BERNHARD : Tel-Aviv, Palestine (Oct. 24, 1938).

The degree of calcification of the dental hard-tissues plays an important but not decisive role in the etiology of caries. Lamellae are paths of transmission of caries into enamel and the underlying dentin they do not calcify. Lamellae can be closed by hornification of their entrances—a factor that is important, but not decisive. The slight antiseptic power of saliva, carried to all dental surfaces, is the main factor in prevention of caries. Diminution of the in‑fluence of this factor may increase caries susceptibility. A problem for further research : Can resistance be improved or immunity established, by increasing, by dietary or medicinal means, this anti-bacterial power of saliva?

Reference: Z. Stom., 19, 129, 1921.

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