GASSMAN, THEODOR : Zurich, Switzerland (Sep. 10, 1938).

Caries susceptibility has no relation to calcium deficiency in tooth structures. The wisdom tooth, notably low in resistance to caries, has regularly the highest dental content of calcium. Prehistoric human teeth have the same calcium content as modern teeth, i.e., 29 percent ; clog teeth have 27.4 percent. Of more importance is a surplus of magnesium, which impairs the chemical for­mation of normal tooth structure by disturbing the necessary function of phos­phatase. The preliminary stage in tooth construction (i.e., formation of a hexolcompound) requires presence of (OP,O)P,, a phospho-oxyd-complex of vitamin-like character. The final stage of this production, forming the body of teeth and bones, represents a carbonate-apatite, having the formula :

_          OPO3Ca

Ca<                 Ca 3 CO3

_            OPO,Ca

This occurs in normal, rachitic, and osteomalacic bones for, in the body, Ca, P and CO, are always combined in the same proportions : 10 Ca : 6 PO4: CO,. [Reported by Rudolf Jeanneret.]

References: Schw. Monat. Zahnh., 1933, 1934, 1936.

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