BRIGGS, E. F.: Bangor, Maine (Oct. 15, 1938).

Caries, a result of psychic trauma, is caused by localized action of acid. The destruction results from calcium deficiency, which, in turn, is due to inhibition of the parathyroids by sympathetic dominance. ” Sympathetic dominance ” is the result of a psychic trauma, conveyed through the sym­pathetic branch of the vegetative nervous system to the parathyroids. A tranquil state of mind contributes to a balance of the vegetative nervous system, resulting in a balanced endocrine system and freedom from, or arrest of, caries.

These conditions., which are essentially individualistic, indicate why children in a group, in the same environment and having the same food, vary as to incidence and extent of caries. L. acidophilus appears in the mouth when the reaction of saliva becomes acid as a result of psychic trauma, but disappears when saliva as­sumes its normal reaction resulting from a tranquil state of mind. These bacteria are present as a result of an acid environment—they do not cause it.

References: Oral Hygiene, 1934, 1936; Nutr. Den. Health, 1936, 1938; Harvard Record, 1938.

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