BREGSTEIN, S. JOSEPH : New York City (June 5, 1939).

Dysfunction of a tooth, and of the subdental structures, changes the acid/ base equilibrium of these tissues per se, causing reduction in the pH of dental lymph, and thereby creating molecular disintegration of enamel from within the tooth.

The theories of Miller, Hawkins, Mellanby, BOdecker, et al., relating to caries, are predicated on lowered pH of the tissues immediately surrounding a tooth. Caries is instigated by the cumulative effects of acid on bone, periodontium and pulp. This acid (probably lactic) is transmitted into dentinal tubules, and begins its activity at the tubule entrances into enamel. The organic substance of enamel is greater along lines (invisible) that are coalesced developmental lobes. These lines terminate visibly as pits, fissures, grooves, and other enamel imperfections. Caries starting from within a tooth, and proceeding outward, follows these organic ” lines ” and produces pit cavities. Klein and Amberson’s findings agree with those of BOdecker and Applebaum in showing that movement of fluid probably occurs along the organic matrix among enamel rods.

Reference: Den. Items Int., 1936.

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