BREESE, FREDERICK: London, England (July 24, 1938).

Food lodgment is an indispensable factor in the production of caries. Sugar in its many forms, owing to its sticky nature, is the chief cause of food lodgment. By preventing all such lodgment, caries can be kept at bay.

Careful clinical observation of 1000 children in two large institutions has shown, in support of the foregoing conclusions, that there is a very close connection be­tween the sites (on the teeth) where food detritus persistently lodges and those where caries begins. The negative factor is also significant and striking, i.e., caries does not occur on surfaces where no such adherence takes place. In mouths quite free from caries, food lodgment does not occur. Such cases are compara­tively rare, but belong to the class of self-cleansing mouths. It is quite possible for the individual, by avoiding self-indulgence in the eating of sweets and by the establishment of good habits-such as eating hard fruit at the end of the day to clean the teeth of all residual food deposits at night-to retain a set of teeth free from caries.

Reference: J. Brit. Den. Assoc., 1913.

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