TERRY, GRIFFITH P.: Milan, Italy (Mar. 11, 1939).


The author, after practising dentistry half a century in Milan, concludes that, in the generality of cases in well-to-do people, caries can be almost com­pletely eradicated by repeated aid of the dentist, independently of diet and climate, unless organic disease interferes.

Reference: None submitted.

TEUSCHER, GEORGE W.: Dental School, Northwestern University, Chicago, Ill. (Aug. 9, 1938).

Anything that contributes to stagnation of oral fluids, or permits bacteria to multiply rapidly, aids the carious process. Satisfactory occlusion, effective


SUMMARIES ON CARIES                                                                              151

cavity preparation, proper placing and finishing of fillings, healthful condition of saliva, occasional careful use of silver nitrate solution, and attention to diet and other fundamental necessities of life, are factors in controlling caries. Attention to the general health presumably aids in maintaining mouth health. Prevention of caries in the individual depends upon ability to predict accu­rately his susceptibility. Cooperation of child and parent with the dentist is important in any program of caries control.

Sugar gradually disappears from the mouth after consumption of various sugar-containing foods, as determined by amounts in freshly secreted mixed saliva. The rate at which sugar is removed varies with individuals. There is a tendency for patients very susceptible to caries to retain sugar longer than patients not very susceptible to caries. A large percentage of sugar remains in the mouth a long time after ingestion of sugary desserts and candy. Chewing of gum, after mas­tication of carbohydrate, accelerates disappearance of sugar from the mouth. Reduction in the amount of carbohydrate in food might aid in control of caries.

References: J. Am. Den. Assoc.(Den. Cosmos), 1937; Northw. Univ. Den. Res. Grad. Study Quart., Winter, 1937.

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