Ross, VICTOR: New York City (Nov. 17, 1938).

Agglutinins appear in the sera of rabbits after injection of vaccine of B. acidophilus (in 14 of 18 animals)—in their salivas, also, but in considerably lower concentrations. The high degree of correlation between existence of caries and presence of B. acidophilus in the mouth, and the fact that the sera of caries-free individuals contain an immunologic principle antagonistic to this microorganism—as demonstrated by others—together with the foregoing results, suggest a partial means of prophylaxis.

Reference: J. Den. Res., 7, 337, 1927.

RUSHTON, MARTIN A.: London, England (June 15, 1938).

Decalcification of bones may become extreme without any related effect on permanent teeth after their formation.

There were only two carious lesions, one trivial, in the teeth of a boy, aged 18, who had suffered for three and one-half years from extreme decalcification of the bones due to hyperparathyroidism (generalized osteitis fibrosa, confirmed by para­thyroidectomy and recovery).

Reference: Guy’s Hospital Reports, 81, 319, 1931.

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