PHILPOTS, G. E. PAYNE : Carnegie, Victoria, Australia (May 22, 1939).


Heredity is a factor in causation of caries. The elder of the author’s two sons inherited the jaws and tooth-structure of his mother ; from his father he inherited good resistance to caries. The younger son inherited teeth and well developed jaw-bones from his father ; from his mother, low resistance to caries. The elder son, as a child, deliberately chewed bones and hard food; so much so, that his temporary teeth showed distinct evidence of attrition, which apparently enabled him to maintain all his temporary teeth to be shed in a natural way. Chewing of food helps to develop the jaw bones, and to prevent crowding of teeth. Modern methods of storing fruits and vegetables un­doubtedly oxidize vitamins and change the chemical coordination of con­tained mineral salts. When the miller, by refining processes, removes min­eral salts and vitamins, the constitution and teeth of persons who use the denatured products suffer. The growing child may get the necessary natural foods in the home; but when between meals he eats sweets and cakes, ” the normal balance in the blood is upset “—and normal teeth are not formed.

Soil in which wheat and dairy produce is raised contains sixteen chemical elements ” intended by Nature ” to give the human body all that is required to resist disease and build healthy teeth. When these necessary vital chemical elements are removed from soil, it is impossible for people, fed on devitalized and demin­eralized foods raised thereon, to have good health—which is a sine qua non for good teeth. Whole-meal bread contains the sixteen chemical elements and vita­mins necessary for health and vitality. Research inEngland, conducted by Sir Albert Howard ofLondon—by the introduction of the “Indore process ” of soil manuring—is a challenge to methods used in reliance on chemical fertilizers.

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