MORSE, FRED W., JR., and LOSCH, PAUL K.: Dental School, Harvard Uni­versity, Boston, Mass. (Sep. 19, 1938).


Children who have had regular prenatal and postnatal medical supervision show lower incidence of caries than those who have not had such super­vision. Incidence of caries is greater in patients who sustained illnesses that interfered with nutrition during development of the corona] portion of their teeth. Occurrence of acidogenic bacilli, expressed in terms of percentages, shows definite correlation with caries, or freedom from caries, in more than half the number of cases. In a comparative study of carious involvements per capita, 47 boys (average age, 6.02 years) had 13.72, contrasted with 51 girls (average age, 7.85) who had 8.12. There is no apparent correlation between caries and common methods of growth assessment, such as height and weight.

References: J. Den. Res., 15, 219, 322, 324, 1935-36; 16, 303, 1937.

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