MCBRIDE, THOMAS F., and VAN KIRK, LAWRENCE E.: Dental School, Uni­versity of Pittsburgh., Pittsburgh, Pa. (May 21, 1939).


Solution of the caries problem is dentistry’s most important responsibility. Immunity to caries has always been an uncommon phenomenon. Although voluminous and diversified investigation has been conducted, caries is still uncontrolled and universally rampant. The unanimity of clinical findings, especially in reports dealing with school and pre-school children, shows that the dental profession has not been more successful in preventing caries than the medical profession in preventing cancer. The dental profession’s knowl­edge has increased greatly since the days of Miller and Black, yet the profession is ” lost in a labyrinth of factual evidence ” about caries. The authors sug­gest the organization of a Commission on Dental Caries, to be given the duty publicly (a) to report at least once a year the progress toward solution of the caries problem, and (b) occasionally to indicate important phases on which further investigation should be concentrated.

Reference: Den. Rays, 13, 19, 1937.

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