MACK, CAPTAIN C. H.: Dental Corps, U. S. Navy, Norfolk, Va. (May 18, 1939).


Recruits in the United States Navy, to be trained at Norfolk, Va., and San Diego, Calif., present much less caries than do those to be trained at Newport, R. I., and Great Lakes, Ill. Incidence of caries in these recruits varies considerably from state to state, in a given group.

Recruits in the U. S. Navy are assembled for rudimentary training at four naval training stations, located respectively at Newport, R. I., Norfolk, Va., Great Lakes, Ill., and San Diego, Calif.Each of these stations draws its recruits from definite prescribed geographical areas. The states covered in the author’s present study include, generally, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Ten­nessee and Kentucky in the case of white recruits. All mess-attendant recruits are colored and, whether from southern or other states, are trained at Norfolk, Va.The number of recruits included in the study will be approximately 15,000 white and 1,000 colored, ranging in age from 17 to 24 years, inclusive ; average, 19.5 years. The data, to be analyzed, consist of caries in each tooth ; fillings in each tooth ; missing teeth (other than third molars) lost through caries ; third molars present ; age in years and months; date of examination ; town, county, and state of residence during period of enamel formation, and nature of drinking water used at the same time. Mottled enamel, hypoplasia of enamel, malocclusion of teeth, impacted teeth visible without x-ray, deciduous teeth, Vincent infection, crowns, bridges, etc., are also routinely recorded. Findings will be published.

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