LEFEVRE, MARIAN L.: School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Rochester, Rochester, N. Y. (July 12, 1938).

There is little difference in composition between whole, fresh, human carious teeth and sound ones, excepting content of moisture, which is 8.71 percent in sound teeth, 9.18 in carious. When separated enamel and dentin, from teeth of three patients, are classed according to increasing extent of caries, the percentage averages for moisture and organic matter in the dentin are progressively greater; for inorganic matter, progressively less. There is no correlation between enamel composition and extent of caries ; none between calcium, phosphorus, and CO2 values for dentin and extent of caries. Within single caries-classes, teeth from these three patients were grouped according to total extent of caries in each mouth. The percentage data for composition of dentin then showed—going from the least to the most carious mouth —decreased inorganic, increased organic, and unchanged water, contents.

References: J. Den. Res., 1937; J. Am. Den. Assoc. (Den. Cosmos), 1938.

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